Introduction to Coin master

  • Jan 20, 2021

Coin master is a free to play mobile game released in 2015 and has racked up millions of downloads. The game is available on iOs and Android version. The simple goal is to get coins to build your village and level up. The game offers a mix of adventure and gambling to achieve it's aim throughout the gameplay. You need to download and install the game to get started. To get more details about playing mobile games, check through

Features of coin master

Coin master has a 3D playing space that features different characters and element that you use in playing the game. The designs are intricately created to bring the player into the mood of the game and keep them glued to the screen. Also, the game features a slot machine. The slot comes with different symbols relating to the game. You get to win free spins and other useful elements when you get lucky.

You can also collect cards when you play the game. The goal is to complete a set of cards to win big bonuses. You can trade your cards with other players to complete your card. The game also comes with three pets (Foxxy, Rhino and Tiger) which serve as your tour guide for new levels. These pets help you collect coins and they get more active as you grow them and increase their experience points.

How to play Coin Master

The game generally involves spinning and winning coins to level up. Also, you will need to attack other player's village or pillage their fortune to increase yours. To get resources to build, you will need to spin a wheel which is limited to just 7 per hour. However, you can increase this by buying extra spins. The limit is to encourage responsible playing and not lead to addiction. If you have enough resources, you can attack other villages.

If your village was attacked, you have the opportunity to revenge and get back your spoils and also plunder the previous attacker. Coin master has over 200 levels and each level get more challenging. You level up simply by completing your village. Each level uses more resources which are equally more expensive than the previous levels. This makes it harder to level up and also requires more tactical approach in managing limited resources

How to get Coin master free spins

To get ahead in coin master, you need to get access to bonuses and free spins. Interestingly, the game provides different opportunities for players to enjoy free spins. For a start, you can start by inviting your friends via facebook. When they join using your link, a set of bonuses is automatically added to your account which will always include free spin. You can also get free spins as a gift from friends

Another way is by waiting for the hourly free spin. Every hour in the game, 5 free spins are added to your profile. However, you can hack this and reduce the time by changing the time on your phone. Although, you should note that the time limit is to reduce the rate of addiction to the game. You can also get free spins while playing the three reel slot that is embedded in the game.

Final thought on free spins in coin master

Coin master is an interesting mobile game available on android and iOs. This game has several features it offers which range from strategy to spin and gambling mechanics. You need to build villages to level up. This also comes with defending your territory and also attacking other villages to plunder them. The higher the level, the harder it is to level up to newer levels. Start playing coin masters today and start spinning and building.

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