The Complete Guide to Free Spin Slots

  • Jan 20, 2021

In-game freespins is a free spin bonus feature that is available in online video slots. In this comprehensive article, we'll explain how to claim the free spins and the different things to consider when doing so.

Understanding the Meaning of Free Spins

A free spin is a bonus that permits players to take a spin on a video slot without paying money for it. Online casinos offer free spins to their new and existing players which can be used for slots.

Unlike some other casino bonuses which can apply to slots and other casino games, free spins usually only limited to video slot games. Free spins offered by casinos have bonus terms and conditions you need to comply with.

How to Claim In-Game Free Spins on Slots

To claim in-game free spins, you will be required to land a special symbol on the game reels in a particular order. Usually, these special symbols can be a scatter symbol or coin symbol depending on the game.

In most online slots, you need to land a minimum of 3 scatter symbols at a time on the reels of the game before you can trigger the free spin bonus features that the developer has included in it.

Can All In-Game Free Spin Bonus Be Re-triggered?

Not at all. There are online slots that have in-game free spin bonuses that can not be retriggered when activated. A free spin bonus feature that can be retriggered is one which you can claim free spins during free spins.

Impressively, slot providers that include an in-game free spin bonus feature in their game often put information about the bonus feature in the game's information menu. This is usually accessed by clicking on the "i" or "help" button.

Are There Terms and Conditions to Consider in In-game Free Spins?

Unlike casino free spins where the online casino offering the free spin bonus will include terms and conditions for you to consider, in-game free spins do not have terms and conditions. This means that there is no wagering requirement involved.

Depending on the game, however, winning in the free spin mode can involve additional actions. Be sure to read reviews about the in-game free spins of a video slot to know what to expect when you trigger the feature.

Summary and Conclusion

This comprehensive article has shed light on what a free spin is. It has also explained the differences between in-game free spins and casino free spins. Remember that in-game free spins are embedded in a slot.

Aside from that, do not forget that in-game free spins usually do not have terms and conditions to consider. However, there is a required pattern to triggering the feature which you can find in the game's information menu.

The Complete Guide to Free Spin Slots